The importance of repetition

The Importance of Repetition

Repetition, the key to your advertising success!

Unless you work in the industry, you probably don’t notice the tricks of the trade the advertising world uses to entice people into making a purchase. One of the most common tricks is to use repetition. A way of keeping a brand or product at the forefront of people’s minds, repetition can build familiarity quickly and simply. Bringing a whole host of benefits, repetition is one of the best ways to:

Enhance credibility
Repetition in your advertisements can really enhance your credibility. The more someone sees your brand – due to repetition – the more familiar they become with it, and as a result, the more likely they are to take notice of it. Helping to establish your business as a leader in its field, repetition can really work at cementing your business as the go-to.

Develop brand familiarity
Working similarly to the above, using repetition in advertising familiarises people with your products and services and offers them an option for what it is they want. Working much the same as teaching a child, when you repeat in your ads, potential customers learn from you. Firstly, they learn that you exist, then they learn what you have to offer. Once they know what you do, they learn about the quality of your products and why you are better than your competitors.

Showcase quality
A long-standing idea is that repetition of an advert can help to signal to consumers that a brand or product is good quality and/or an investment. Also known as the signalling theory, it was first coined in the 1970s when two researchers at the University of Wyoming found that adverts with high rates of repetition also tended to be rated as ‘high quality’ in consumer reports, and that is still widely regarded as gospel in today’s society.

Make your brand the number one
The idea behind repetition is that when a consumer goes to buy a particular product, your brand is the first one that comes to mind. For example, if you offer a tailoring service, then you want to be the tailor they think of when they want something altering. You do this by establishing your credibility and making potential consumers familiar with your brand. By using repetition, you will soon find that you become the first thought for a plethora of people and, as a result, your sales will increase.

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