Personalised Printing

Use Personalised Printing to Connect with Your Customers

In today’s digital world it is hard to truly grab the attention of your customers, as most of us are bombarded with hundreds of messages online every single day. It’s easy to become blind to sales messages when you receive them all day long, meaning many consumers miss out on great deals and offers that are perfect for them simply due to the fact that they are so used to seeing material that isn’t suitable.

A digital presence however is still highly useful for brands and it means that companies now know more about their customer base than ever. Digital insight can help brands to know their customers better from identifying their shopping habits, via analytics, to knowing product preferences from social media and website consumption habits. This allows for a much more personalised marketing strategy than would not be possible without digital.

However, due to a digital information overload, many companies are opting to run direct mail campaigns once more, avoiding the inbox and heading straight for the post box. Again, it can still be tricky to encourage people to open up your letter rather than throwing it out immediately. Personalised printing can help your brand connect with your customers more effectively.

A printed product can be personalised in two ways, both of which are useful for different reasons. The first is by customising each material to be printed with the customer’s name and the second is through refining your leaflet, newsletter or brochure so it contains items, offers or news that are directed specifically towards the taste of the consumer it is mailed to.

Using a letter or flyer that is beautifully designed will produce great results, but making the effort to print each customer’s name onto the material will greatly improve the chances of them actually opening the envelope. Consumers addressed directly are more likely to take the time to read what you are offering.

Once opened, your brand can further prove itself to be useful, rather than an annoyance, by offering news, promotions and discounts that a customer will genuinely be interested in, based on the data you have gathered about their past shopping habits. Whether someone has a penchant for pink or keeps buying items in the colour blue, you can show them the types of products and offers that will get them excited.

Personalised printing will involve a higher initial investment when ordering the products, but doing so will improve your chances of running a successful campaign.

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